McCabe and Mrs Miller

As Autumn approaches, a useful reminder of why it’s a good idea to stay indoors… A lot of rain is followed by a lot of snow, which stops and then it’s just cold and miserable. Also includes some topical tips on negotiating technique – don’t overplay your hand, and make sure you’re talking to someone who is actually empowered to negotiate. Otherwise your deal might go spectacularly sour, even before Spring arrives…

In the upper reaches of the top ten grimy-looking revisionist Westerns, you might well find Robert Altman’s 1971 classic. Excellent performances from Julie Christie and Warren Beatty and to reinforce the point that this isn’t much like Calamity Jane, a soundtrack by Leonard Cohen which blends perfectly with the grainy visuals and general sense from the outset that this might not all work out in the end.

After grumbling quietly for years that there wasn’t a Region B blu-ray, I somehow missed a DVD/blu-ray being sneaked out. HMV had a “two for 15 quid” sale in the summer, so it was this and Point Blank. Includes some nice art cards and a ‘making of’ feature to delight DIY enthusiasts – how to build a wooden town in the wilds of British Columbia. And for steam fans, there’s a real traction engine.